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Penstemon grandiflorus
Shell-leaf Penstemon
Photo by Jim Mason

From mayapples in a woodland glade in Douglas County to Indian blanket along the roadsides of Meade County, Kansas offers an endless list of worthy destinations for botanizing throughout the growing season.  The Natural Kansas website lists over 100 of these destinations.  If you are looking for new places to go this year, start here to make your plans!



Enjoy the beauty of the fall prairie wildflowers in this
video from Mike Blair of Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks!
For more videos from this series, see the KDWP website.

Winter is a good time to get out the field guides and page through them to refamiliarize yourself with the wide variety of flora available in Kansas.  Re-reading the text entries will often yield surprising flashes of insight based on the experiences you had since you last read them.

Of course, one can never have enough field guides!  Don't limit your bookshelf to the "Kansas-only" books.  Often you will find species from Kansas in the field guides from neighboring states and other species that are not be listed in Kansas books that are also found here.  Every author brings a different suite of experiences to what they write, and different books may have different features of a species illustrated as well, so these too can provide you with valuable knowledge.  You can find a list of books on Kansas wildflowers and other natural history topics here.

Want a real identification challenge?  Try finding your favorite species in winter!  See if you can use the seed pods and vegetative structures to recognize a species.  This is a great way to broaden your familiarity with a plant.  There was a 1984 book useful for this purpose called "Pods: Wildflowers and Weeds in Their Final Beauty" written by Jane Emberton that is currently out of print (and really deserves a second edition), but you may be able to locate a used copy online or through your local bookstore.

Think Spring!

For a look online at what Kansas has to offer throughout the year, visit these web sites:

Southwest Kansas Wildflowers - featuring the photos of Fred Meyer Jr.
Wildflowers and Grasses of Kansas - by Mike Haddock
The LUNA website has photos of 196 different native wildflowers by Craig Freeman
Learn about Flint Hills Wildflowers and Grasses in The Meadow from the Great Plains Nature Center

bulletIf you are not already a member, consider joining the Kansas Native Plant Society.   The mission of the Kansas Native Plant Society is to encourage awareness and appreciation of the native plants of Kansas in their habitats and in our landscapes by promoting education, stewardship, and scientific knowledge.
The KNPS has developed several regional groups within the state.  Here are their Facebook pages:
bulletThe Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Website has a lot of information on North American wildflowers.
bulletThe Grassland Heritage Foundation seeks to preserve native prairie lands in northeast Kansas.
bulletUse the USDA PLANTS database to get information on any plant in North America.
bulletJeff Hansen has a website on wildflower propagation at KansasNativePlants.com

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