Pottawatomie State Fishing Lake #1

Potttawatomie State Lake #1
K-99 highway traverses the dam for the lake.
- Photos by Jim Mason

Pottawatomie State Fishing Lake No.1, surrounded by bluestem prairie and bordered by woodlands, has a variety of wildlife.
In summer, great blue herons can be seen feeding in the shallows. Early spring and fall will bring migrating waterfowl, including buffleheads, common goldeneyes, and green-winged and blue-winged teal.

Yellow Iris is abundant on the shoreline
Yellow Iris (Iris pseudacorus) mingles with the cattails on the shoreline.

Look along the stream at the north end for beaver dams and feeding signs. Be alert for white-tailed deer and raccoons. In the woodlands watch for great horned and eastern screech-owls. Warblers, flycatchers, and vireos are present during migrations. Along the edge between woodland and grassland are northern cardinals, blue jays, northern flickers, and downy woodpeckers. Local raptors include northern harriers, red-tailed hawks, and American kestrels.

bulletHandicapped-accessible restroom, Picnic tables, Boat ramp.

Camping icon Primitive camping only.

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Pottawatomie #1 map

Directions: From Westmoreland (20 miles NE of Manhattan) take K-99 5 miles north.  Each of the three entries off the highway has limited visibility, so exercise care when entering or leaving the park.

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