Marysville City Park

Here's something unique! When entering the city, visitors are greeted by large signs proclaiming Marysville the Black Squirrel City. About 50 percent of the city's population of fox squirrels are black. Some squirrels show black patterns intermixed with normal coloration. The black coloration (called melanism) is caused by an excess of the dark pigment melanin in the fur of the animals. In wildlife melanism occurs much less frequently than the more common albinism, or white coloration. The residents of Marysville are justly proud of their claim to one of nature's more interesting animals. Many people feed them at backyard stations. The animals can be found throughout the city, but for visitors the best spot may be around the bandstand in the city park. There are nest holes in the large oak trees, so if you don't see squirrels immediately, be patient.

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Trail icon The Blue River Trail is being developed along the east bank of the Big Blue River north of Marysville.  2 miles are complete as of May 2011, with another 6.7 miles available with unfinished trail surface beyond that.  See the link below for details and a trail map.

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Directions: Marysville City Park is located along U.S. 77 (S. 10th Street) on the south side of town.  Marysville is 45 miles N of Manhattan.

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Ownership: The entity responsible for Marysville City Park is the City of Marysville
Contact them at
(785) 562-5331 if you have specific questions about use or management of the park.
Click here to visit their web site.   Click here to visit the Blue River Trail website.

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