Herington City Lakes

View on the east side of the Lake
Herington Reservoir
- Photo by Jim Mason

These two Flint Hills lakes-Lake Herington and Herington Reservoir-are just southwest of the city of Herington.  The shallow south end of Lake Herington has an extensive cattail marsh with several snags. Herington Reservoir has an abundance of standing timber also in its shallow end. The surrounding land comprises native tallgrass prairie and cropland.

Best birding is during spring and fall migrations. Ducks to watch for include redhead, lesser scaup, mallard, green-winged teal, common goldeneye, and bufflehead. Migrating yellow-headed blackbirds and pelicans frequently stop over. Sandpipers and plovers can be seen on the mudflats. During spring and fall, ospreys fish the waters. Great blue herons are seen in the shallows, and double-crested cormorants are frequently sighted on the snags and standing timbers. Look for red-winged blackbirds in the cattails. Mourning doves, scissor-tailed flycatchers, eastern meadowlarks, dickcissels, and grasshopper sparrows are common in the grasslands.  From April to July, look around the residences adjoining Lake Herington for Purple Martins.  Many people have erected martin houses here.

Wild turkeys, white-tailed deer, opossums, and raccoons are often seen at dusk and dawn.

bulletPicnic shelters, grills, pit toilets

Camping iconPrimitive camping at Herington Reservoir in designated camping areas only; User fee required

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Herington City Lakes map

Directions: From the four-way stop at the junction of U.S. 77 and U.S. 56, travel 0.6 mile west on U.S. 56 (Trapp Street) to Broadway, then 0.2 miles north to Walnut Street. Take Walnut west 1.3 mile to the T intersection, then follow 500 Ave. southwest 1.2 miles to Lake Herington.

Go on across the dam and the entrance to Herington Reservoir is 1 mile farther west.

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Ownership: The entity responsible for management of Herington City Lakes is the City of Herington.  If you have specific questions about use or management of this site, contact them at (785) 258-2271

1,600 acres

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