Antelope Lake and
Sheridan State Fishing Lake

Antelope Lake entry sign
Antelope Lake entry sign - photo by Tom Hein

Don't expect to see antelope in this area! The name comes from Antelope Creek, which flows into the lake.

The flooded timber creates great habitat for wood ducks. Careful observers should find them. Also be alert for beavers and muskrats, sometimes seen at the wooded west end of the lake. Western painted turtles often sun themselves on partially submerged logs. Both mule deer and white-tailed deer sometimes graze in adjacent fields. During migrations the area is a stopping spot for several species of ducks, mergansers, grebes, and coots. The wooded areas around the lake attract a variety of woodpeckers and songbirds. Great blue herons and belted kingfishers are usually seen along the shoreline.


bulletBoat ramp.

Campground icon Primitive camping allowed.

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Antelope Lake Map

From Hill City (45 miles NW of Hays) travel 14.5 miles west on U.S. 24 and 1 mile north.

Location in Kansas

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Ownership: The entity responsible for management of Antelope Lake is Graham County. 
Contact them if you have specific questions about use or management of the site.

Graham County (785) 421-3453; 106 acres
See also the KDWPT website for more information.

Sheridan State Fishing Lake map

While in the area visit Sheridan State Fishing Lake as well. Many of the same wildlife species are found at Sheridan, but different terrain -rocky outcroppings and sparse vegetation - provides ideal habitat for several species of snakes and lizards.

Sheridan State Fishing Lake is located 7 miles west of Antelope Lake or 11 miles east and 1 mile north of Hoxie on U.S. 24.

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Call Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism for more information at (785) 628-8614 or see their website.


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